This website is designed to show interesting or colourful covers of the whole world. We try to add about 25 to 30 new items each week. Many countries are included but there is particular strength in GB, the French Group & the German Group, as well as world-wide Wartime Censorship in WW1 & WW2, Postage Dues, Mis-routed mail, Special Services, Registered Mail and Airmails.

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Entire dated 17 November 1829 Lichfield to Leek, with faint circular dated double arc Lichfield, plus half circle type 'TOO LATE', both srikes on reverse, faint but clear: on front MS rate mark 8.

Reference: 104

AUSTRALIA Wartime Airmail, Mt Wilson NSW to Beaminster, Dorset on airmail envelope handstamped 'California Clipper' & MS 'Clipper via NZ & USA', with 2 x 2/- Kangaroo, 1/- Lyre Bird, 6d Kookaburra & 4d Koala, the 5/10 wartime Trans-Pacific airmail route: straight-line 'Passed by Censor' h/s No S19 in violet over sealing strip, fine appearance.

Reference: 102
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