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Airmail envelope franked with KGVI Coronation issue 30c x 5, 20c x 5 and (on reverse) 5c x 5 ; from Mbale, Uganda to Elmenteita, Kenya 12 May 1937; FDC

Reference: 1201

France 15c Type Pasteur with "Algerie" overprint, on plain envelope surcharged "½ centime en plus" with variety double surcharge; mint; rare Pasteur variety

Reference: 1183

Gold Coast KGV issues overprinted Togo Anglo-French Occupation 4 x  ½d & 3 x 1d, (2 stamps on reverse), cancelled 16 June 1916 with bridged d/r cds, registered; violet h/s ' Passed by Censor Lomé (Togo) ',  b/s Registered Plymouth 10 July, London 11 July, Buchs, Aarau 14 July 1916: note one ½d has the variety small 'F' in French.  A fine scarce item

Reference: 1167
Egypt to UK 1940 censored

Block of nine 5 mils King's Head cancelled by bilingual bridged s/r cds Cairo, 15 June 1940, to London; sealed by Egyptian censor's tape 'Opened by Censor' & violet small box bilingual censor h/s '4'; b/s Cairo m/c d/s

Reference: 1143
Madagascar to Paris 1938

1f 50, 10c, 5c all cancelled VF d/r cds MAJUNGA 27 January 1938; airmail to Paris; m/s endorsement in red ink 'via Dar es Salaam'; b/s Paris VIII 6 Feb(?) 1938; lacks back flap but a lovely franking

Reference: 1141
France parcel card Alsace to Dahomey 1922

5 x 1fr Merson, 2 x 40c Merson, + 10c fiscal, all cancelled VF s/r cds STRASBOURG 2, 26 October 1922, on Parcel card to Dahomey; large red cachets 'RÉSERVÉS' and '5k', customs label Mulhouse 2; h/s 'P.O. Moulins'; label STRASBOURG 2 GARE crossed out; on reverse boxed h/s 'Petit-Croix-Postaux ES1' 28 October 1922, rare use and destination

Reference: 1139
1936 Tunis postal card

Parcel card with Tunis CP (colis postaux) label 8567, franked with parcel post stamps 5 x 2fr, 20c, 2 x 5c (SG P44, P46, P52) for 10fr 30c total rate, + 10c quittances fiscal stamp; superb Regence de Tunis cachet; 2 Marseille transit h/s; blue crayon m/s mark (4758?) and red ink '3.92'; Marseille PLM boxed railway d/s 26 Oct 1936; with some faults but a spectacular and rare item

Reference: 1090
1941 French Equatorial Africa

1fr French Equatorial Africa (similar to SG 145) on 65c with red overprint LIBRE cancelled d/r cds Pointe-Noire 11 December 1941 to Brazzaville; light strike "Controle Postale Commission"; b/s Brazzaville 12 December 1941; this surcharge unlisted in SG

Reference: 1088
1923 German inflation registered envelope to Holland

Registered envelope, franked 5 x 125 (+1 lost) taufend on 1000 marks, with 6 x 1000 marks on reverse; censored with Geöffnet tape for currency control inspection; sealed with violet inspector's stamp 14 and violet circular cachet tying the label; from Oberhausen 24 September 1923; b/s Haarlem 26 September 1923

Reference: 1077
South Africa Royal Visit 1947 with plate flaw

special envelope franked with blocks of 4 Royal Visit issue (SG 111-113 + 113a) FDC, including the variety "black eye" on one example of the 3d value; all cancelled with 'crowned' registered cachet; b/s with same h/s; from Pretoria, 17 February 1947 to Preston

Reference: 1072
Belgian Congo to USA 1941 Censored

2 x 15c + 2 x 1 fr 25 pictorials from Lusala(?) to USA, 16 November 1941; opened by censor and resealed with tape 'Censure, Congo Belge'; also tied on reverse LEOPOLDVILLE 18 November 1941; small corner fault; sent when the US was not yet in the War

Reference: 1060
French Colonies

2 x 50c Desert Riders issue cancelled d/r cds Saint-Louis Senegal on official Government imprinted envelope, to Port Etienne, 15 December 1935; m/s 'Par Avion'; St Louis was the administrative capital of Mauritania at the time, making this an internal airmail

Reference: 1016
French Colonies

6 Ivory Coast pictorials (5 designs); 5fr 15c airmail rate from Abidjan to Zurich, 14 January 1939; no b/s, an attractive franking

Reference: 1015
French Colonies

5c Faidherbe Upper Senegal and Niger on 5c PS envelope from Duenne to Dijon, 27 November 1913; cancelled Duenne d/r cds; b/s KAYES HAUT-SENEGAL ET NIGER 7 DEC 13; fine example of an uprated PS

Reference: 1014
Madagascar Military Expedition card 1895

Special military PS card 1895 inscribed 'Corps Expéditionnaire de Madagascar' & 'Franchise Postale', unused; plus notes on the background history of French control of Madagascar in 1895, with map

Reference: 1010
British Bechuanaland registered envelope 1889

Cape of Good Hope 4d blue registration envelope overprinted 'British Bechuanaland', mint 1889

Reference: 1008
Nigeria multifranking to Yorkshire

Long envelope Port Harcourt to Halifax, Yorkshire 28 April 1972, franked with 20 x 2d (SG 231, no printer’s imprint) + 10 x 3d pictorials (SG 233, with imprint), for Express Airmail rate 70d=5/10; NB 15 x 2d on reverse uncancelled; (30 stamps cat £2 each)

Reference: 946
French Morocco 1916

TRESOR ET POSTES MEKNES s/r cds on economy envelope inscribed in m/s 'Troupe Occidental du Maroc, envoi du soldat...Meknes' ; no b/s, minor faults to envelope

Reference: 926
Tanganyika to British Empire Exhibition 1946

KUT 2x 30c + 1/- KGVI pictorials cancelled d/r cds Daressalaam registered on economy envelope, registered, airmail; b/s DARESSALAAM REGISTERED 6 AUGUST 1946; addressed to a stand at the British Empire Exhibition in Wembley; roughly opened at top

Reference: 978
South Africa Natal settlers FDC 1949

Block of 4 1½d Natal Settlers stamps (SG 127) on illustrated FDC 2 May 1949 for the 100th anniversary, from Durban to Salisbury; registered label Marine Parade, Durban; b/s Salisbury, S. Rhodesia 3 May 49

Reference: 943
Sierra Leone registered to Germany 1913

KGV 1d PS card with 2 added 1d definitives, registration h/s, m/s 'Printed Matter'; b/s London 'Hooded' Registration cds London EC 3 August 1913; Hannover bridged d/r cds 4 August 1913: scarce example of registered foreign printed matter rate, small plate flaw on one 1d stamp; ex Ken Sergeant

Reference: 934
French Morocco Fez 1914

Stampless envelope with m/s "Sce Mre" (Service Militaire); s/r military cds 'Tresor et Postes aux Armées Fez' 16 April 1914 to Casablanca; with blue military 'Déesse' cachet; no b/s

Reference: 868
French Morocco 1914

military s/r cds Tresor et Postes aux Armées Marrrakech 22 April 1914, on economy envelope, m/s S.M. (Service Militaire) sent 'en franchise' (post free); VF blue cachet Artillerie Coloniale 42 Batterie de 65 du Maroc, to Casablanca, no b/s, small fault to envelope

Reference: 925
Egypt to Hull with 'Retta' cancel censored 1946

Farouk 1 mil and 6 mils on defective envelope, cancelled by bilingual bridged cds, plus 10 mils Aeroplane over Pyramids airmail stamp cancelled by diamond 'Retta' h/s, from Alexandra to Hull 7 November 1946, with Egyptian censor's sealing tape & red bi-lingual diamond censor h/s No 72; age faults but a scarce combination

Reference: 882
South African POW in Italian camp

South African POW in Italian camp, envelope with 6d and 3d S. African 'bantams' cancelled d/r cds Illovo Beach, Natal, South Africa 8 December 1942; to POW Camp 60 Italy; faint boxed violet bi-lingual Air Mail h/s, m/s charge marks in red & blue crayon; with bi-lingual South African censor's sealing tape; b/s d/r void Italian censor's b/s: a nice combination of marks

Reference: 875
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