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5 x 25c airmail stamp on envelope cancelled Willemstad, 25 October 1942; circular 'Per Luchtpost/Par Avion'; m/s Air Mail Transatlantic; violet triangular censor h/s 2820; no clear b/s

Reference: 1203

KGVI 2as 6p, 6as, 2 Rs on airmail envelope cancelled Coonoor 25 October 1940; endorsed in m/s 'via Hong Kong - U.S.A. - England'; boxed h/s "Not Opened by Censor"; b/s Gloucester slogan ds 9 December 1940 and Victoria (Hong Kong?) 6 November ’40, forwarded to London; also on reverse blue boxed h/s 15

Reference: 1200

3 x ½ Anna + 2 annas all cancelled s/r cds WADHWAN CITY 31 October 1907 (error for "3 October"?); re-addressed several times; b/s Vichnia Kathianar 3 October, 5 November, 11 November; Chuda 1 November; Morvad 1 & 2 November;  forwarding details uncertain; ms in red 'refused'; fragile but interesting native language cover

Reference: 1199

Cut down 3as registered envelope with added 17 copies of QV 3 pies grey + 1 dropped off and endorsed in blue crayon (7 ½ as rate); cancelled Lahore 2 November 1936; b/s Sutton Coldfield 23 November 1936; late use of QV issues

Reference: 1198

4 x 1 sen Japanese definitive cancelled with s/r cds PEKING IJPO, 25 August 1905, on picture postcard of Tokyo Park; fine example of Japanese Post Office in China

Reference: 1180
Persia registered airmail censored 1945

Registered air mail with violet h/s TEHERAN R No. 13702; d/r circular cachet 'Anglo-Soviet-Persian Censorship' plus a faint similar mark in Cyrillic; small violet circular registration (?) cachet 16; with 3 definitive stamps on reverse; faults to envelope

Reference: 1145
Netherland Indies to Switzerland 1940

3½c Ned Indies PS card with added 2 x 40c Queen's Head, cancelled d/r bridged cds BANDOENG 24 November 1940, airmail; red h/s "Gecensureerd 2"; m/s annotation 'By Trans pacific air-route via Hong Kong to USA and by (?) to Europe' plus various other m/s marks, attractive & unusual combination

Reference: 1144
France used abroad Smyrna 1865

10c and 40c Napoleon perforated issues; cancelled GC 5098, 26 July 1865, at Smyrna, outer wrapper only; red PD, blue h/s 'POSTE FRANCAISE D'ALEP' (struck as an arrival cachet rather than the usual mark of origin); no b/s; probably via the Paquebot 'Euphrate' which left Smyrna 16 July 1865 & arrived Alexandretta 30 July 1865

Reference: 1138
Philippines registered airmail 1940

Registered airmail envelope with 5 Philippines stamps cancelled Baguio 2 November 1940; boxed registered cachet and h/s 'Via Trans-Pacific Clipper'; readdressed to Scotland; on reverse h/s Baguio, Honolulu, New York, Dartford Kent; a colourful cover

Reference: 1125
Persia multi-franked cover to Beyrouth

8 pictorials and 3 portrait issues franked front and back cancelled Teheran; by airmail from Polish Red Cross; sealed with local language Censor's tape; tied by circular violet cachet 'Anglo-Soviet-Persian Censorship No 3 & similar cyrillic on reverse; arrival cds Beyrouth 6 December(?) 1944; a spectacular franking

Reference: 1110
1917 propaganda card (British soldier & Turk)

Privately printed satirical greetings card, 1917, showing British soldier fighting a Turk against a map of Ottoman Arabia and the Persian Gulf, showing the British Post offices; probably rare, NSB; minor corner fault

Reference: 1092
French Post Office in China to Italy 1916

French PO's in China 3 x 4c on 10c and 2 x 2c on 5c (SG 84, 85) plus on reverse 2 x 4c on 10c and 2 x 2c on 5c (28c rate); all cancelled Pékin Chine d/r cds 13 October 1916; b/s Livorno 12 Nov 1916; some envelope faults but a very scarce franking

Reference: 1089
Turkish Cyprus Passport Page 1948 with fiscal stamps

Passport page (no 122930) franked with 7 Turkish fiscal stamps; apparently stamped in Turkish Cyprus (Kibris), 28 March 1948

Reference: 1068
Turkish Cyprus Passport Page 1945 with fiscal stamps

Passport page (no 173074) franked with 5 Turkish fiscal stamps; apparently cancelled in Turkish Cyprus (Kibris), 27 September 1945, unusual

Reference: 1067
Turkey Passport Page 1948 with fiscal stamps

Passport page (No 191189) franked with 4 fiscal stamps, 13 September 1948, Ankara

Reference: 1066
Turkey Passport Page 1947 with fiscal stamps

Passport page (No 009471) franked (front and back) with 6 fiscal stamps, 21 March 1947, Kilirisar?

Reference: 1065
Dutch East Indies to Chicago 1941 censored

DEI 5c blue Queen Wilhelmina issue (SG 341) cancelled d/r bridged cds Batavia, to Chicago 24 April 1941; opened and resealed with Dutch censor’s tape; tied with CENSUUR cds 24 April 1941 & s/r cachets in red DEV.6 & EC.C; no b/s

Reference: 1043
France to US forces in Japan

France pictorials 25fr and 50fr cancelled Marseille machine d/s, to US Forces in Yokohoma, Japan, 28 February 1948; US civil censor sealing strip and h/s used by the Occupation Forces in Japan; no postal b/s

Reference: 1035
French Indochina

commercial envelope franked 2 x 20c red Rice Fields + 2 x $1 green 'Apsara' dancing nymph (SG 186, 195); from Hanoi to Besançon cancelled Hanoi s/r cds, 10 May 1949; no b/s

Reference: 1013
French Indochina

Block of 4 x 70c 'Apsara' dancing nymph design (SG 194) on commercial envelope from Hanoi to Paris, cancelled Saigon RP COCHINCHINE 3 May 1947; m/s AVION in red crayon; no b/s; part of flap on reverse missing

Reference: 1012
French Indochina

2 x $1 green (SG 295) on commercial envelope cancelled s/r HANOI/TONKIN sans-serif letters; to Besançon 26 July 1947; no b/s; slight fault to back of envelope

Reference: 1011
British Levant 40 paras registered envelope unused

GB KEVII 2d + 1d registered envelope, larger format, overprinted REGn.FEE.40 paras.; fine unused, slight 'patterning' on the flap

Reference: 1001
British Levant Smyrna to London 1910

GB KEVII 1d PS card overprinted LEVANT cancelled by VF s/r cds BRITISH POST OFFICE SMYRNA 16 JUNE 1910, to London; sent as a birthday card: a neat example of the card and cancellation

Reference: 1000
British Post Offices in Turkey to GB 1882

GB 2½d plate 23 1E cancelled barred oval C and alongside s/r cds in red BRITISH POST OFFICE CONSTANTINOPLE code C 19 May 1882; on reverse s/r cds Gosport 24 May 1882

Reference: 999
Turkey registered to Serbia 1921

5 Turkish pictorials 2 x 7½ pi on 3 pi, 60 paras on 10 paras, 5 pi, 1pi unsurcharged, for 21 piasters 60 paras rate; from Istanbul to Belgrade, 16 November 1921; boxed R registration h/s ms 868; b/s STAMBOUL 16 Nov 1921; BEOGRAD 18 Nov 1921

Reference: 998
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