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KGVI 2as 6p, 6as, 2 Rs on airmail envelope cancelled Coonoor 25 October 1940; endorsed in m/s 'via Hong Kong - U.S.A. - England'; boxed h/s "Not Opened by Censor"; b/s Gloucester slogan ds 9 December 1940 and Victoria (Hong Kong?) 6 November ’40, forwarded to London; also on reverse blue boxed h/s 15

Reference: 1200

3 x ½ Anna + 2 annas all cancelled s/r cds WADHWAN CITY 31 October 1907 (error for "3 October"?); re-addressed several times; b/s Vichnia Kathianar 3 October, 5 November, 11 November; Chuda 1 November; Morvad 1 & 2 November;  forwarding details uncertain; ms in red 'refused'; fragile but interesting native language cover

Reference: 1199

Cut down 3as registered envelope with added 17 copies of QV 3 pies grey + 1 dropped off and endorsed in blue crayon (7 ½ as rate); cancelled Lahore 2 November 1936; b/s Sutton Coldfield 23 November 1936; late use of QV issues

Reference: 1198

India KGV 4as & 3as cancelled d/r cds boxed h/s Lahore 24 August 1937 on airmail envelope franked with large T in circle & m/s 50c crossed out and 40c added; on reverse 8 x Kenya postage due cancelled ELMENTEITA 1 September 1937; faults to envelope where opened but a spectacular postage due franking

Reference: 1197
France Alsace-Lorraine Official Parcel Card 1927

VALEUR DÉCLARÉE parcel card; on front 1fr 50 Pasteur, 15c Sower, 1fr fiscal; on reverse 10 x 1fr 50 Pasteur, 1fr Sower, 10 x 5f Merson; from Mutzig, 16 August 1927 to Karachi; slight faults to card but a spectacular franking and scarce cover

Reference: 1097
GB to Bombay 1944 censored

GB KGVI 1d x 3, 2d, 2½d x 4 (for 1/3 rate) from Millom, Cumberland to Bombay, with d/r cds 18 January 1944 & MS 'By Air Mail'; censor tape 'Opened by Examiner P.C.90'; tied with shield type crown h/s 'Passed DHC/50' & h/s on front DHC/126; forwarded to 10/12th F.F.R. Sialkot; b/s Bombay 15 Mar 1944 + unclear cds 17 March

Reference: 981
GB to India readdressed to France 1915

2 x GB KGV ½d on PPC of Admiral Jellicoe from Marby, Glamorgan to the Interpreter Poona Horse, Indian Cavalry, France; readdressed to French mission St Omer; then forwarded to a Camp de Cav Bratonne (?); m/s in red ink 'Dépot du 41e Artillerie'; Fr. Military css TRESOR et POSTES 2 23 April 1915; did it arrive ?

Reference: 980
USA postal bulk licence for covers to India 1944

2 x $1, 50c, 30c Presidents Series on long envelope to Calcutta, cancelled s/r cds Washington DC 31 May 1944; opened and resealed by US & British censors; violet h/s DHA/138; red financial control cachet 'Board of Economic Warfare/Office of Export Control', May 31 1944; 'License No 189466 (in m/s), COMMISSIONER OF PATENTS'; 'LICENSE COVERS MAILING OF 6 (in m/s) Packages'; red 'Approved for British Empire only' h/s; on reverse large red rosette seal, cancelled 'US Patent Office Licensing Division'; b/s Calcutta, 5 July 1944 + BHA/282; rare combination of markings

Reference: 945

Strip 4 x 3c, 8c, 50c definitives cancelled New York Station K duplex 10 November 1944 & New York Grand Central Annexe 13 November 1944, on airmail envelope to RAF India; violet h/s 'Air'; censored with tape 'Opened by Examiner' tied with octagonal shield censor h/s 'Passed Dec/12'; on reverse violet h/s "Return for Additional Postage, Air Mail fee must be fully pre-paid"; weight, rate, etc crossed out, with purple h/s 'For additional postage' on front crossed out; no arrival b/s

Reference: 855
India Registered Airmail 1962

2 rupees on registered airmail cancelled with unclear cds and then crossed out with 2 x 4 bars; plus added small definitives, 2 x 0.20 & 0.10, cancelled with unclear d/r cds; endorsed with small h/s 'Enclosing Documents'; on reverse fine cachet of the Chartered Bank

Reference: 814
Indian Forces in North Africa 1942

Indian 4 annas Air Mail Post Card cancelled Field Post Office 259; crowned circular censor h/s 'Passed by Censor No. 4230'; from a driver with the Indian Forces in N. Africa to Merthyr Tydfil; with a thank-you note for a gift from the Comforts Committee at home

Reference: 812
Malaya Postage Due 1929

India 1 anna PS envelope lightly cancelled and with circular T in circle charge h/s, from Tirumayam to Penang 7 December 1929; on reverse d/r cds TIRUMAYAM 7 December; Federated Malay States Postage Due 4c and 2c; cancelled SEREMBAN 17 December 1929 on arrival, a nice cimbination

Reference: 748
India Registered Airmail with Meter Mark

Registered Airmail franked with 02.45 rupees meter mark plus 5p and 10p definitives to make a 2.60 rate; cancelled with unclear s/r cds; from Calcutta to St Helier, Jersey on 28 April 1972; endorsed 'Enclosing Documents'; on reverse fine Calcutta Bank seal

Reference: 813
India Azad Hind Nationalist Army 'stamps' forgeries

Azad Hind unofficial stamps of the Indian Nationalist Army 3 annas and 2 x 2 annas value (two shades), in marginal blocks of 4, mint, no gum, forgeries

Reference: 564
India Azad Hind Nationalist Army 'stamps' forgeries

Azad Hind unofficial stamps of the Indian Nationalist Army 2 annas value in marginal blocks of 4, two shades, mint, no gum, forgeries

Reference: 563

India KGV 9 pies deep green on buff PS card (with faults) with added 1 anna red Government of Travancore revenue stamp, cancelled with oval cachet `'Darragh, Smail & Co', from Allerppey to Coonoor; used as a receipt for a cheque payment from The Peninsular Rubber & Tea Estates;despite faults an unusual and attractive card

Reference: 528

India KGVI 1R + 3½as on Airmail envelope from Bombay to Beyrouth, cancelled with m/c d/s June 1945, opened and resealed with tape 'Opened by Examiner' type PC90 tied by h/s DHC/36 on front & crowned tombstone type Passed DHC/37 on reverse; on front purple Free French Cross of Lorraine SC cachet with red '505 U' on front, 'L 505' on reverse; Beyrouth bilingual roller arrival d/s 22 June 1945 on reverse, a nice combination

Reference: 529

11 stamps to a total of 260øre airmail from Hotel Cosmopolite, Copenhagen to New Delhi 2 October 1951, with arrival date 6 October; the reverse lacks most of the envelope flap, but a colourful franking and good destination

Reference: 495

Azad Hind WW2 Indian Nationalist Army propaganda stamps, 2 annas red cattle ploughing design in 2 marginal blocks of 4, red & red-orange, one with large plate flaw, mint no gum, forgeries

Reference: 479

Azad Hind WW2 Indian Nationalist Army propaganda stamps, 2 annas red cattle ploughing design in 2 marginal blocks of 4, different shades, one with large plate flaw, mint no gum, forgeries

Reference: 478

d/r cds Hyderabad in red 5 April 1867 on Registered Letter Receipt, with the letter which it presumably covers (this being of fragile Indian paper somewhat eaten into by the ink), faults but must be scarce intact

Reference: 393

India KGVI stamps on envelope from Kirkee to Haifa, Palestine, 7 December 1940; opened by Censors in India & Palestine & resealed twice at the top & the left, with fine array of different censor's seals & cachets including Palestine hexagon type 'Palestine Passed by Censor 75'; Haifa arrival on reverse 14 January 1941

Reference: 390

Large part of the cloth wrapping of a packet sent by registered airmail from Bombay 18 July 1940 (MS), large MS endorsement 'Via Hong Kong' with green triangle censor handstamp 'Passed Censor Hong Kong 13' & US Customs receipt handstamp: with wax seals, a remarkable survivor from the trans-Pacific route & certainly different postal history!

Reference: 323

Indian FPO No 29 on PPC of Ismaila, MS 'On Active Service'; large circular purple cachet 'Passed by Censor Indian Expeditionary Force 97' with no other Censor's markings, to Kirkgate Leeds

Reference: 285

GB 6d Airletter (new format August 1944) cancelled Aldershot 30 August 1944, to Bombay: 'Opened by Examiner' sealing label tied with censor's handstamp DHC/92 in purple & on reverse with 'tombstone' censor's handstamp 'Passed DHC/37'; Bombay GPO Window arrival cds 12 September 1944

Reference: 264
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