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Angers Philatelic Exhibition 1946 illustrated envelope franked with 1fr50 Cérès cancelled with special cachet: also with poster stamp for the exhibition cancelled in red 'transporté par Montgolfière + h/s "Montgolfière accidentée'



Reference: 1215

7th Philatelic Exhibition Mamers 24 April 1938, special illustrated card with (pre-cancelled) poster stamp added, franked with 30c Sower cancelled with the exhibition cds

Reference: 1214

Illustrated 'gruss aus' type card of Marseille from the publisher, dated 1904: originally it was franked 1c on' bande', stamp lost; card thus charged 20c postage due (2 x 1c postage due stamps lost) on reverse: h/s REFUSÉ and returned; on reverse of the 'bande' h/s 'retour à l’envoyeur 3103' (Reims); a fine item

Reference: 1213
Syria airmail surcharges 1924

Registered envelope franked with Syria Merson type Airmail issues, 4 values; cancelled d/r bridge cds DAMAS (Damascus) 25 December 1924; on reverse BAGDAD (spelt thus) d/r registered d/s; PORT SAID s/r bridged cds 5 Jan 25, CAIRO s/r bridged cds 5 Jan 25; stamps have a catalogue value of £70+ as used singles

Reference: 1211

Plain card from German POW on the French Ile de Ré; d/r Camp Interpreter's cachet & 2 line "Geprüft cachet"; Newport and Whitney type C12; with original text intact

Reference: 1194

Sowers 5, 10, 10+5, 25, 30, 35c and Mersons 40, 45, 50c, and 1fr cancelled Nieppe d/r cds; + GB KGV 4d cancelled FPO D4 plus registered label with same cancel; on long OHMS envelope; from Nieppe to Isle of Wight, 21 April 1915; 2 different censor h/s: red and violet; b/s APO B3(?), London registered & Shanklin (IoW) 24.4.15; a rare combination

Reference: 1184

France 15c Type Pasteur with "Algerie" overprint, on plain envelope surcharged "½ centime en plus" with variety double surcharge; mint; rare Pasteur variety

Reference: 1183

5fr Petain Salon du Prisonnier POW card to a French Captain in Camp Oflag XB Nienburg (?), with New Year letter,  cancelled Paris m/c datestamp with 7 bars:  superb German censor cachet 'Geprüft Oflag XB Nr.7' ; a fine clean example of these cards

Reference: 1174

"Bulletin d' expédition" French parcel card in the former German Alsace style, from Huningue to Nevers,  cancelled with s/r cds on front & forwarding label 'Mulhouse 2'; on reverse Merson 5fr & 2fr + Sower 1fr & 45c, with 1 franc fiscal, all cancelled Huningue cds and with added Railway cachet 'Petit Croix Ch de F. de l'Est' 14 October 1927: a striking combination

Reference: 1173

complete folded entire written in clear but perhaps faulty French, 6 February 1781, with a good strike of the small double ring cds 'cachet d' essai' Bordeaux PP; m/s rate mark 10 (sols), b/s London Bishop mark FE 22 and m/s 22 charge mark; a fine example of a very scarce cachet

Reference: 1171
Germany return to sender 1909

10pfg Germania on PPC of Saxony cancelled s/r cds Porschdorf 21 July 1909; h/s boxed NON RECLAMÉ' and 2 strikes 'RETOUR À L'ENVOYEUR'; d/r cds 'Lyon/Rhone' 23 July 1909 after return

Reference: 1150
France 2 x 5 francs Type Sage

Type Sage 5fr mauve on pale lilac horizontal pair on part front only of official envelope, inscribed CONGRÈS INTERNATIONAUX & with large blue h/s "Ministère du Commerce des Industries/des Postes et des Télégraphs/Exposition Universelle du 1903"; cds PARIS EXPOSITION RAPP 3 August 1903 (3); RR on cover; has been sold previously for 500 euros

Reference: 1147
Madagascar to Paris 1938

1f 50, 10c, 5c all cancelled VF d/r cds MAJUNGA 27 January 1938; airmail to Paris; m/s endorsement in red ink 'via Dar es Salaam'; b/s Paris VIII 6 Feb(?) 1938; lacks back flap but a lovely franking

Reference: 1141
France money order card from Alsace 1927

Money order with registered label Ste-Marie-aux-Mines and pink 'valeur déclarée" label, franked on front with 2 x 25c fiscal stamps; small label 'Mulhouse 2"; on reverse, 2 x 2fr Merson + 5c Blanc, all cancelled with s/r cds, 3 October 1927; to Avignon; also s/r cds 'Petit Croix Postaux" 4 October 1927

Reference: 1140
France parcel card Alsace to Dahomey 1922

5 x 1fr Merson, 2 x 40c Merson, + 10c fiscal, all cancelled VF s/r cds STRASBOURG 2, 26 October 1922, on Parcel card to Dahomey; large red cachets 'RÉSERVÉS' and '5k', customs label Mulhouse 2; h/s 'P.O. Moulins'; label STRASBOURG 2 GARE crossed out; on reverse boxed h/s 'Petit-Croix-Postaux ES1' 28 October 1922, rare use and destination

Reference: 1139
France used abroad Smyrna 1865

10c and 40c Napoleon perforated issues; cancelled GC 5098, 26 July 1865, at Smyrna, outer wrapper only; red PD, blue h/s 'POSTE FRANCAISE D'ALEP' (struck as an arrival cachet rather than the usual mark of origin); no b/s; probably via the Paquebot 'Euphrate' which left Smyrna 16 July 1865 & arrived Alexandretta 30 July 1865

Reference: 1138
France stamp subscription form 1955

Carte d'Abonnement subscription for new French postage stamp issues for a Dr G. Veaux, Bordeaux, 26 December 1955; franked inside with 500fr airmail (SG 1196); numerous postal datestamps inside and on page 4; not often seen

Reference: 1103
Syria Free French censor to GB 1944

Syria 20pi portrait issue; opened and resealed with tape with the Free French Forces cachet and British "Opened by Censor" tape 'No 5726'; from Aleppo to Silsden, Yorkshire, 4 Jan 1944; small h/s 12, scarce censor combination

Reference: 1099
France WW2 3 Covers with 'blue stripe' censor

3 WW2 covers from France to Holland franked with 4 francs or 8 francs, 2 are registered: each with German censor tape, sealed by black and red swastika cachet; each is also marked front and back by a blue ink 'swipe' special inspection mark

Reference: 1098
France Alsace-Lorraine Official Parcel Card 1927

VALEUR DÉCLARÉE parcel card; on front 1fr 50 Pasteur, 15c Sower, 1fr fiscal; on reverse 10 x 1fr 50 Pasteur, 1fr Sower, 10 x 5f Merson; from Mutzig, 16 August 1927 to Karachi; slight faults to card but a spectacular franking and scarce cover

Reference: 1097
France Alsace-Lorraine Official Registered 1930

2x 1f 50 Pasteur on official envelope from the Mayor of Colmar; cancelled s/r cds 12 April 1930 with RR combined "registration/remboursement" label (reserved for international mail) No 3 m/s Colmar; insured for 12fr 40; faint b/s Minden: a good example of this rare label

Reference: 1096
France-Alsace Railway cancel 1875

m/s Souvrance par Roulins, Doubs' + blue firm's cachet; 25c + 15c Cérès cancelled PC du GC 420 Belfort, 15 June 1875; with courier
conveyeur 'cachet ondulé' Laissey 15 BES.B (24); b/s Mulhausen 16 June 1875, a good Alsace railway item

Reference: 1095
1873 France Grand Cassure and Postage Due

25c Cérès (SG 211a) with 'grande cassure' plate flaw on top; cancelled 14 October 1873 Paris Rue Taitbout; underfranked to Rome; red postage due h/s, Italian 40c postage due cancelled Roma 18 October 1873; m/s style h/s ¢40' (the rate due); a superb rare franking

Reference: 1084
1936 Tunis postal card

Parcel card with Tunis CP (colis postaux) label 8567, franked with parcel post stamps 5 x 2fr, 20c, 2 x 5c (SG P44, P46, P52) for 10fr 30c total rate, + 10c quittances fiscal stamp; superb Regence de Tunis cachet; 2 Marseille transit h/s; blue crayon m/s mark (4758?) and red ink '3.92'; Marseille PLM boxed railway d/s 26 Oct 1936; with some faults but a spectacular and rare item

Reference: 1090
French Post Office in China to Italy 1916

French PO's in China 3 x 4c on 10c and 2 x 2c on 5c (SG 84, 85) plus on reverse 2 x 4c on 10c and 2 x 2c on 5c (28c rate); all cancelled Pékin Chine d/r cds 13 October 1916; b/s Livorno 12 Nov 1916; some envelope faults but a very scarce franking

Reference: 1089
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