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Plain card from German POW on the French Ile de Ré; d/r Camp Interpreter's cachet & 2 line "Geprüft cachet"; Newport and Whitney type C12; with original text intact

Reference: 1194

5fr Petain Salon du Prisonnier POW card to a French Captain in Camp Oflag XB Nienburg (?), with New Year letter,  cancelled Paris m/c datestamp with 7 bars:  superb German censor cachet 'Geprüft Oflag XB Nr.7' ; a fine clean example of these cards

Reference: 1174

"Bulletin d' expédition" French parcel card in the former German Alsace style, from Huningue to Nevers,  cancelled with s/r cds on front & forwarding label 'Mulhouse 2'; on reverse Merson 5fr & 2fr + Sower 1fr & 45c, with 1 franc fiscal, all cancelled Huningue cds and with added Railway cachet 'Petit Croix Ch de F. de l'Est' 14 October 1927: a striking combination

Reference: 1173
Germany multi-franked with Hindenburg head issues to GB 1938

Hindenberg heads 25 x 1pfg, 5pfg, 6pfg, 10pfg, 12pfg all cancelled by large d/r cds Bad Schwalbach to Surrey 22 August 1938
for a 58pfg rate; some faults to envelope but a spectacular franking

Reference: 1162
Germany Russian Zone

Soviet zone (of Berlin) issues, 2 x 2pfg, 16pfg, 40pfg, 2 x 25pfg, registered, cancelled "BERLIN LICHTENBERG¢ 23 July 1948"; on reverse large red label, Russian Zone cachet, undated, No 5298; s/r b/s EPSOM SURREY 10 August 1948; faults to envelope

Reference: 1161
Germany return to sender 1909

10pfg Germania on PPC of Saxony cancelled s/r cds Porschdorf 21 July 1909; h/s boxed NON RECLAMÉ' and 2 strikes 'RETOUR À L'ENVOYEUR'; d/r cds 'Lyon/Rhone' 23 July 1909 after return

Reference: 1150
German POW in Australia to GB 1941

German Prisoner of War in Australian POW camp (full details on reverse); 1/6 airmail cancelled GPO Sydney NSW 25(?) Feb 1941 to Wolverhampton; m/s 'By Airmail via South Africa', plus violet h/s 'Prisoner of War Service' and 'Passed by censor S.59'; a very unusual combination

Reference: 1135
GB to Germany 1947 censored civil mail

Civil mail from London to Berlin (American sector), 11 August 1947; censored; 2x KGVI 2½d cancelled London slogan d/s; sealed with Censor tape "Opened by Mil.Cen-Civil Mails"; tied by circular cachet 'US Civil Censorship Germany. Passed 30301'; no b/s, uncommon useage

Reference: 1133
GB KE7 envelope to Saxony 1914

KE7 three halfpenny envelope upgraded with 3 pence imprint, uprated further with KG5 ½d; all cancelled with London L1d FS (1d late fee foreign service) to Leipzig, 13 May 1914; no b/s; envelope has folds (age crease) an unusual combination

Reference: 1129
GB from Base Army to London 1943

6 x KGVI 3d + 2 x 1d all cancelled BASE ARMY POST OFFICE 4 (then in Egypt) airmail; sealed with censor¢s tape "Opened by Censor PC22" in red; tied by small diamond cachet 8 (front and back); 1/8d rate

Reference: 1116
GB to French Zone of Germany 1948

GB KGVI 6d on envelope to Landau, French Zone of Germany; cancelled Enfield m/c d/s 27 July 1948; destination partially blacked out and m/s "2/8 return" & violet h/s 'Zurüch' added; with typed note 'Wenn unbestellbar, bitte zurück an umsthende Adresse' ('if address unknown please contact the address overleaf'); on reverse small label 'décédé'

Reference: 1115
East Germany Egypt Relief fund 1957

'Help Egypt' surcharge; Egypt relief fund block of 4 (E293) on stamp fair commemorative card, illustrated; cancelled with special Berlin-Lieffenberg cachet 3 March 1957; no message, unposted

Reference: 1107
Belgium to Germany mixed franking

20pfg Germania + Belgium 25c with Sunday label on Antwerp illustrated letter card; cancelled s/r cds Deutsches Seepost 10 e; With original text and 4 photo illustrations; small corner fault but unusual

Reference: 1085
1919 Alsace souvenir postal card

plain postal card franked by Mulhausen d/r cds 15 Jan 1919; Mulhausen s/r cds 1 Feb 1919 on 2½ and 5 pfg Germania heads; 10 pfg Germania already used cancelled Mulhausen s/r cds 21 Jan 1919; Mulhausen-Wittenheim oval railway d/s 15 January 1919, small Mulhausen cachet; large French red 'Déesse' controle postal cachet, for currency control inspection, an unusual combination

Reference: 1082
1919 Alsace souvenir postal card

plain postal card franked by Germania 2½ ,3, 5,7½ pfg issues cancelled MULHOUSE s/r cds 1 February 1919; Mulhausen-(ELS)-Wittenheim Bahnpost Railway d/s 15 January 1919; small Mulhausen cachet; red French 'Déese' postal control censor cachet, with other 'souvenir' cachets of Mulhouse & Sennheim, attractive immediate post-war commemorative item celebrating the return of Alsace to France

Reference: 1081
1903 Germany unperpaid with French postage due

5 pfg Germania on PPC of Frankfurt; cancelled d/r cds Frankfurt 15 September 1903, h/s 'T'` postage due, blue crayon '15'; h/s P.7 and Zurück; French postage due 10c + 3 x 1c cancelled Concarnau 18 September 1903 and tied by s/r cachet 'a Entl Ffm. I'; transit cds Paris Etranger 18 Sept 1903; Frankfurt arrival cds 24 September 1903 & s/r h/s AUSG.C.2 26 Sept 1903

Reference: 1080
1939 Occupied Poland Red Cross to Hungary

German 5 pfg Hindenburg PS card with added 10 pfg; red h/s 'Polski Czerwony Krzyz Okreg Krakowski' (Polish Red Cross, Krakow); cancelled Krakow 2 December 1939; Visegrad, Hungary arrival cds 9 December 1939; small faults to lower corner but a nice Red Cross item

Reference: 1079
Germany to New York 1939

5 pfg Eagle & Hindenberg 1pfg with margin, cancelled Leipzig special decorative cachet 8 January 1939, plus 5pfg Hindenburg cancelled Berlin-Charlottenburg 14 January 1939,(SG 526, 493B, 496B), on card with 'Postkarte' erased and h/s 'Drucksache' (printed matter) added: gap in dates due to postal inspection?

Reference: 1078
1923 German inflation registered envelope to Holland

Registered envelope, franked 5 x 125 (+1 lost) taufend on 1000 marks, with 6 x 1000 marks on reverse; censored with Geöffnet tape for currency control inspection; sealed with violet inspector's stamp 14 and violet circular cachet tying the label; from Oberhausen 24 September 1923; b/s Haarlem 26 September 1923

Reference: 1077
1941 Austria to New York censored 1941

German Hindenburg 50pfg + 15pfg cancelled d/r bridged cds Vienna 6a, to New York 11 April 1941; on airmail envelope endorsed ms '4gr' weight mark; sealed on reverse with censor's "Geöffnet" tape with swastika cachets and code numeral 372

Reference: 1075
German WW2 censor’s 'swipe' mark

8 pfgs + 4pfg Hitler heads on plain envelope from Ankum Bz Osnabruck to Maarn, Holland, 23 March 1943; opened and resealed with censor’s tape, tied with Swastika cachet; also marked front and black with blue ink 'swipe' special inspection mark (Dutch mail?)

Reference: 1049
German WW2 censor’s 'swipe' mark

2 x 6 pfgs Hitler heads on plain envelope from Ankum Bz Osnabruck to Maarn, Holland, 17 September 1943; opened and resealed with censor’s tape, tied with Swastika cachet (black and red); also marked front and black with blue ink 'swipe' special inspection mark (Dutch mail?)

Reference: 1048
Parcel card from Heligoland

Hitler heads 80 pfg + 5 pfg on parcel card with green label inscribed 1 mk 40; red crayon charge mark 460; from Heligoland 13(?) July 1943 to Altachlame i Pom; black circular swastika censor cachet; on reverse d/r cds Stolp (Pom) 1 25 July 1948 + photo probably from c1945 after bomb damage

Reference: 1054
Parcel card from Heligoland

German Hindenburg 15 pfg + Hitler head 60 pfg on parcel card, cancelled Helgoland d/r cds 14 September 1942, to Innsbruck, Austria; blue crayon rate marks 2’60, 2’75; h/s 'Nachgebuhr' (excess charge); on reverse h/s Verzollt 24 Sep 1942; circular Eagle censor cachet Innsbruck-Bahnhof

Reference: 1053
Parcel card from Heligoland 1941

German Hindenburg heads, 5 pfg, 30 pfg, 100 pfg on parcel card cancelled HELGOLAND d/r cds 6 June 1941; to Neustadt (Main); green label inscribed 40 pfg & blue crayon endorsement 40; h/s 'Zollfrei' (no customs charge) and swastika censor’s cachet; b/s Neustadt (Main) 13 June 1941

Reference: 1052
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