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2 ½ d KGVI pale blue on (reused) envelope; 'Czech Army in England 1940' propaganda label; cancelled with Czech field post bilingual h/s; opened and resealed with label 'Czech independent brigade group chief welfare officer' h/s, to philatelic author Norman Hill, nice unusual usage

Reference: 1205

Envelope to a German interned in Switzerland; GB KGVI 2½d cancelled d/r cds Rotherham, 8 April 1944; censored by British 'Opened by Examiner 3204' tape and German with "Geöffnet" sealing tape with Swastika cachet; Swiss 'Zuzustellen /Fieldpostdirektion' & No 315); arrival d/s after forwarding 19 July 1944, with the original letter

Reference: 1187

GB KGVI 7d & 8d definitives on air mail envelope from Blackwood (Monmouthshire) to Bombay, 18 March 1942; unable to be delivered with various handstamps and cachets on the front and the reverse, 'Retour', 'DLO Bombay', 'Inconnu/ Not Known', 'Insufficiently addressed' ; censored and returned May 1942: a striking combination

Reference: 1170
GB to Germany 1947 censored civil mail

Civil mail from London to Berlin (American sector), 11 August 1947; censored; 2x KGVI 2½d cancelled London slogan d/s; sealed with Censor tape "Opened by Mil.Cen-Civil Mails"; tied by circular cachet 'US Civil Censorship Germany. Passed 30301'; no b/s, uncommon useage

Reference: 1133
GB to Newfoundland 1943 censored

GB KGVI 2 x 7d + 1d to St Johns, Newfoundland, 27 November 1943(?) cancelled with US Army APO 610(?) cds & bars and with censor's h/s; by airmail from a US soldier in hospital (APO 514-B); a good franking

Reference: 1132
GB Polish censor cachet & seal 1920

GB KGV 4d and ½d cancelled 'Strangeways Manchester' 29 January 1920 to Warsaw; registration label Manchester 22; opened by Polish censor and sealed with tape and large octagonal Polish censor cachet; at a time of Polish frontier conflicts(?); m/s and h/s on reverse

Reference: 1130
GB KE7 envelope to Saxony 1914

KE7 three halfpenny envelope upgraded with 3 pence imprint, uprated further with KG5 ½d; all cancelled with London L1d FS (1d late fee foreign service) to Leipzig, 13 May 1914; no b/s; envelope has folds (age crease) an unusual combination

Reference: 1129
GB Telegram 1942 censored

Cable & Wireless illustrated cablegram "Via Imperial"; red h/s "EBM6909" and violet h/s CGA; from Birmingham to Bardford, Warwicks 22 July 1942; with crown "Passed by Censor" cachet; colourful and spectacular.
(Sorry no picture. the system keep showing the wrong one - it keeps printing the wrong file and I cannot unscramble the error - this belongs to S1120. A scan can be sent separately)

Reference: 1119
GB 2/6 value used 1941

GB KGVI 2/6 brown plus 3d deep violet on envelope to British Guiana, inscribed "Via North Atlantic Air Service"; cancelled Harrogate 20 December 1941 m/c d/s; censor tape 'Examined by C34"; b/s Air Mail GPO British Guiana

Reference: 1118
GB to USA Not Found 1952

2 x KGVI 8d cancelled with VF s/r cds St John¢s Wood B.D. NW 8 code D 29 January 1952, registered air mail; violet h/s 'CANNOT BE FOUND' 'DIRECTORY SERVICE GIVEN SOUTH CENTRAL STN' with pointing finger cachet & boxed 'Return to Sender'; red ink m/s 'Letter only'; Chicago and New York b/s 2-5 Feb & St John¢s Wood day of sending; a nice combination

Reference: 1117
GB from Base Army to London 1943

6 x KGVI 3d + 2 x 1d all cancelled BASE ARMY POST OFFICE 4 (then in Egypt) airmail; sealed with censor¢s tape "Opened by Censor PC22" in red; tied by small diamond cachet 8 (front and back); 1/8d rate

Reference: 1116
GB to French Zone of Germany 1948

GB KGVI 6d on envelope to Landau, French Zone of Germany; cancelled Enfield m/c d/s 27 July 1948; destination partially blacked out and m/s "2/8 return" & violet h/s 'Zurüch' added; with typed note 'Wenn unbestellbar, bitte zurück an umsthende Adresse' ('if address unknown please contact the address overleaf'); on reverse small label 'décédé'

Reference: 1115
GB Naval mail c 1915

KGV 1d scarlet cancelled by VF black h/s cross naval censor cachet; m/s "Passed by Censor" and signature; very fine example

Reference: 1114
GB Naval Censor c1915

KGV ½d yellow-green with E14 marginal coding; both cancelled with VF black h/s cross naval censor cachet; no b/s; spectacular cancel

Reference: 1113
1917 propaganda card (British soldier & Turk)

Privately printed satirical greetings card, 1917, showing British soldier fighting a Turk against a map of Ottoman Arabia and the Persian Gulf, showing the British Post offices; probably rare, NSB; minor corner fault

Reference: 1092
GB Postage Due on P.O. Foreign Parcels form 1968

Postage Dues 8 x 5/-, 4 x 10/-, 1/-, 6d, 2d (SG D59, D63, D64, D66, D67) for total of £4.1.8 in respect of '2 returned foreign parcels'; cancelled with oval registered d/s Kettering, Northants, 6 Dec 1968; on Post office form P325B

Reference: 1029
Card to a US Revenue Cutter

GB KE7 1d red cancelled Cardiff m/c d/s 3 May 1906, to US Revenue Cutter 'Perry', Astoria, Oregon; forwarded with cds and cachet 'Forwarded Astoria Oregon 5 June 1906'; to Seattle

Reference: 1028
GB vaccination certificate

Vaccination certificate with imprinted GB KE7 1/2d value complete (almost) document printed in black and red; not used but addressed to the vaccination officer in Mitcham, Croydon, Surrey; most unusual KE7 cover (NSB); small piece missing from bottom (clear of text); noted in Huggins but not thus

Reference: 1007
GB KGVI Red Cross 1942

KGVI 2½d blue cancelled London m/c d/s 12 October 1942 to Worsley, Manchester with large 5cm circular red cachet "British Red Cross & St John War Organisation"; on reverse handstamp "if undelivered please forward to Foreign Relations Department, British Red Cross of Order of St John"; some wear due to age but scarce wartime Red Cross

Reference: 961
British Levant 40 paras registered envelope unused

GB KEVII 2d + 1d registered envelope, larger format, overprinted REGn.FEE.40 paras.; fine unused, slight 'patterning' on the flap

Reference: 1001
GB to Bombay 1944 censored

GB KGVI 1d x 3, 2d, 2½d x 4 (for 1/3 rate) from Millom, Cumberland to Bombay, with d/r cds 18 January 1944 & MS 'By Air Mail'; censor tape 'Opened by Examiner P.C.90'; tied with shield type crown h/s 'Passed DHC/50' & h/s on front DHC/126; forwarded to 10/12th F.F.R. Sialkot; b/s Bombay 15 Mar 1944 + unclear cds 17 March

Reference: 981
GB to India readdressed to France 1915

2 x GB KGV ½d on PPC of Admiral Jellicoe from Marby, Glamorgan to the Interpreter Poona Horse, Indian Cavalry, France; readdressed to French mission St Omer; then forwarded to a Camp de Cav Bratonne (?); m/s in red ink 'Dépot du 41e Artillerie'; Fr. Military css TRESOR et POSTES 2 23 April 1915; did it arrive ?

Reference: 980
GB Fiscal Duty on Life Insurance 1910

Receipt for duty on a life insurance annuity, 31 January 1910 with imprinted red receipt stamp on full document from the Inland Revenue (Form No 9); form fully completed by solicitors

Reference: 964
GB KGVI ½ d First Peacetime Voyage S.S. Onward 1945

GB KGVI ½ d light green on special envelope inscribed with decorative heading "Maiden Voyage SS 'Onward' American Pioneer Line", "1st Peacetime voyage to England"; from London to New York, 18 October 1945; red & green pictorial arrival h/s 'Received' and 'New York Nov 3 1945'; with other cachets; not common

Reference: 962
GB to Cuba 1941 censored

GB KGVI 3d deep violet on envelope cancelled London WC m/c d/s 7 Jan 1941; opened by British censor & re-sealed with tape reading 'Opened by Examiner 2563'; b/s Havana, Cuba slogan d/s 31 January 1941; some faults to envelope

Reference: 901
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