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Egypt prepaid 1935

Unstamped envelope franked with red crowned cachet "Egypt Postage Prepaid 17" with s/r cds M.P.O. ALEXANDRIA 17 February 1935; on reverse red "British Forces in Egypt" 1 piastre letter stamp; cancelled with a Retta diamond h/s

Reference: 1208

2 ½ d KGVI pale blue on (reused) envelope; 'Czech Army in England 1940' propaganda label; cancelled with Czech field post bilingual h/s; opened and resealed with label 'Czech independent brigade group chief welfare officer' h/s, to philatelic author Norman Hill, nice unusual usage

Reference: 1205

Envelope to a German interned in Switzerland; GB KGVI 2½d cancelled d/r cds Rotherham, 8 April 1944; censored by British 'Opened by Examiner 3204' tape and German with "Geöffnet" sealing tape with Swastika cachet; Swiss 'Zuzustellen /Fieldpostdirektion' & No 315); arrival d/s after forwarding 19 July 1944, with the original letter

Reference: 1187
Egypt hotel envelope to London

Unstamped official envelope SUMMER PALACE HOTEL (Alexandria, Egypt), franked with superb red crowned cachet "Egypt Postage Prepaid 17" (re-use from an earlier era (?), with cds MILITARY POST OFFICE ALEXANDRIA, 23 August 1923 to London; sealed on reverse with red "BRITISH FORCES IN EGYPT" 1 piastre Letter Stamp; cancelled with the RETTA diamond h/s

Reference: 1163
GB to Germany 1947 censored civil mail

Civil mail from London to Berlin (American sector), 11 August 1947; censored; 2x KGVI 2½d cancelled London slogan d/s; sealed with Censor tape "Opened by Mil.Cen-Civil Mails"; tied by circular cachet 'US Civil Censorship Germany. Passed 30301'; no b/s, uncommon useage

Reference: 1133
GB to Newfoundland 1943 censored

GB KGVI 2 x 7d + 1d to St Johns, Newfoundland, 27 November 1943(?) cancelled with US Army APO 610(?) cds & bars and with censor's h/s; by airmail from a US soldier in hospital (APO 514-B); a good franking

Reference: 1132
GB from Base Army to London 1943

6 x KGVI 3d + 2 x 1d all cancelled BASE ARMY POST OFFICE 4 (then in Egypt) airmail; sealed with censor¢s tape "Opened by Censor PC22" in red; tied by small diamond cachet 8 (front and back); 1/8d rate

Reference: 1116
GB Naval mail c 1915

KGV 1d scarlet cancelled by VF black h/s cross naval censor cachet; m/s "Passed by Censor" and signature; very fine example

Reference: 1114
GB Naval Censor c1915

KGV ½d yellow-green with E14 marginal coding; both cancelled with VF black h/s cross naval censor cachet; no b/s; spectacular cancel

Reference: 1113
South Africa (Natal) to USA 1919 censored

S. Africa 2d & ½d cancelled d/r cds PORT SHEPSTONE, NATAL 20 February 1919; s/r censor cachet "Passed Censor 10/99" (by the British War Office?); to USA; no b/s, clear strikes

Reference: 1071
Czechoslovakia to British Zone of Occupied Germany

Czech 2.40 pictorial and 1.60 Lidice (SG 488, 494) on plain envelope to the British Zone of occupied Germany; from Trutnova to Düsseldorf, 2 September 1947; with blue official cachet of Trutnova; opened by British censor & sealed with tape 'Opened by Examiner 2345'; tied with circular cachet 'British Censorship Germany 0140' front & back; attractive combination

Reference: 1041
France to US forces in Japan

France pictorials 25fr and 50fr cancelled Marseille machine d/s, to US Forces in Yokohoma, Japan, 28 February 1948; US civil censor sealing strip and h/s used by the Occupation Forces in Japan; no postal b/s

Reference: 1035
Italian internee in Switzerland 1941

Military internment envelope from Berne Schönbühl to Zurich with PORTOFREI cachet; c1941; from an interned Italian soldier; h/s 822; no b/s

Reference: 1002
Madagascar Military Expedition card 1895

Special military PS card 1895 inscribed 'Corps Expéditionnaire de Madagascar' & 'Franchise Postale', unused; plus notes on the background history of French control of Madagascar in 1895, with map

Reference: 1010
Italian internee in Switzerland 1942

Military internment envelope with cachet CAMP MILITAIRE d'INTERNEMENT BUSSWIL; undated but c1942; to Zurich; from an Italian citizen; h/s 365; no b/s; on reverse trilingual Swiss censor label

Reference: 1005
Italian internee in Switzerland 1942

Military internment envelope with cachet CAMP MILITAIRE d'INTERNEMENT FRIBOURG FRANK DE PORT; undated, but c1942; to Geneva; from an Italian internee; h/s 315; no b/s

Reference: 1004
French Morocco 1916

TRESOR ET POSTES MEKNES s/r cds on economy envelope inscribed in m/s 'Troupe Occidental du Maroc, envoi du soldat...Meknes' ; no b/s, minor faults to envelope

Reference: 926
USA to Polish Forces censored 1941

USA 5c MacDowell portrait cancelled s/r cds 13 May 1941 on envelope to Polish sergeant; forwarded, opened, and resealed roughly by British Censor's tape; h/s oval cachet BIURO POCZTOWE 1 KORPUSU 19 July 1941 & 23 July 1941; no b/s; some age wear

Reference: 927
USA Forces in Trinidad 1942

5 x 3c President Jefferson definitive on airmail envelope cancelled American Base Forces APO 803 11 April 1942 to New Orleans; boxed red censor h/s 'Passed by US Army Examiner 715', no b/s, from the American Forces in Trinidad durng WW2, scarce source

Reference: 920
Italian internee in Switzerland 1941

Military internment envelope used within Berne, c1941, with d/r PORTOFREI cachet for an interned Italian citizen; h/s 315; incomplete b/s undated

Reference: 1003
French Post Office in Smyrna to Belgium registered 1921

France 2 x 5c Sower + 2 x 50c Merson on envelope registered with label (T&P 528) from French Post Offices in Levant, h/s 'Recommendéé'; cancelled with military s/r cds Tresor et Postes 928, 8 February 1921, from Bank of Athens Smyrna (label on reverse; b/s s/r cds Charleroi 11 Feb 1921

Reference: 991
GB to Bombay 1944 censored

GB KGVI 1d x 3, 2d, 2½d x 4 (for 1/3 rate) from Millom, Cumberland to Bombay, with d/r cds 18 January 1944 & MS 'By Air Mail'; censor tape 'Opened by Examiner P.C.90'; tied with shield type crown h/s 'Passed DHC/50' & h/s on front DHC/126; forwarded to 10/12th F.F.R. Sialkot; b/s Bombay 15 Mar 1944 + unclear cds 17 March

Reference: 981
GPO used by FPO Germany 1957

QE2 Wilding ½d orange x 5; cancelled Field Post Office 414, then at Wilhemshaven; to Catford, London, 18 January 1957; m/s 'Forces Airmail'; no b/s; nice neat franking

Reference: 982
GB to India readdressed to France 1915

2 x GB KGV ½d on PPC of Admiral Jellicoe from Marby, Glamorgan to the Interpreter Poona Horse, Indian Cavalry, France; readdressed to French mission St Omer; then forwarded to a Camp de Cav Bratonne (?); m/s in red ink 'Dépot du 41e Artillerie'; Fr. Military css TRESOR et POSTES 2 23 April 1915; did it arrive ?

Reference: 980
Holland to USA 1940

7½+2½ on 5c portrait PS card cancelled with ornamental slogan d/s 'SGRAVENHAGE; to New York, 10 December 1940; red German swastika censor's cachet; black C in circle inspector's mark (USA); scarce use on postal card

Reference: 974
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