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Russian Arms type 9 x 3 kopek + 3 x 1 kopek (30 kopek rate) on reverse of registered envelope cancelled Warsaw 1 April 1906 to Vienna; fine and spectacular

Reference: 1206

5 pictorials including the rectangular air stamp, on plain postal card, all cancelled Haapsalu/Eesti d/r cds 26 May 1920; faint red registration h/s with ms number 964; Danzig arrival bridged d/r cds 2 June 1920

Reference: 1204

3 x ½ Anna + 2 annas all cancelled s/r cds WADHWAN CITY 31 October 1907 (error for "3 October"?); re-addressed several times; b/s Vichnia Kathianar 3 October, 5 November, 11 November; Chuda 1 November; Morvad 1 & 2 November;  forwarding details uncertain; ms in red 'refused'; fragile but interesting native language cover

Reference: 1199

Cut down 3as registered envelope with added 17 copies of QV 3 pies grey + 1 dropped off and endorsed in blue crayon (7 ½ as rate); cancelled Lahore 2 November 1936; b/s Sutton Coldfield 23 November 1936; late use of QV issues

Reference: 1198

40g, 60g, 1s UPU issue (SG1175–1177) on 1st flight Vienna–Brussels–New York via Boeing 707 jet, 1 April 1959; registered airmail, stamps cancelled with large special cachet; on reverse block of 4 SG 1538; arrival cds Jamaica, N.Y. A.M.F Kennedy, 1 April 1969

Reference: 1189

8 definitives inc. 2 'Tell' issues cancelled with red d/r bridged cds "WINTERALPENPOST, JULIERPASS" 4 November 1934, to Basel; black d/r cds Chur 4.11, St Moritz 5.11"; registered, black h/s "Julierpass-Autofahrten / wegen Unwetter um / einige Tage verschoben"; unclear faint b/s

Reference: 1188

Sowers 5, 10, 10+5, 25, 30, 35c and Mersons 40, 45, 50c, and 1fr cancelled Nieppe d/r cds; + GB KGV 4d cancelled FPO D4 plus registered label with same cancel; on long OHMS envelope; from Nieppe to Isle of Wight, 21 April 1915; 2 different censor h/s: red and violet; b/s APO B3(?), London registered & Shanklin (IoW) 24.4.15; a rare combination

Reference: 1184

Gold Coast KGV issues overprinted Togo Anglo-French Occupation 4 x  ½d & 3 x 1d, (2 stamps on reverse), cancelled 16 June 1916 with bridged d/r cds, registered; violet h/s ' Passed by Censor Lomé (Togo) ',  b/s Registered Plymouth 10 July, London 11 July, Buchs, Aarau 14 July 1916: note one ½d has the variety small 'F' in French.  A fine scarce item

Reference: 1167

10 heller Hradcany Czech parcel card with added 2 x 20 h Eagle design, cancelled Brnenec-Brunnlitz, registered & with red label Valeur Déclarée: Budapest transit cds & Vel Becekerek bridged arrival cds; with added Yugoslav 2 d  green fiscal stamp cancelled with purple cachet: a fine scarce combination

Reference: 1166
Bermuda threepence registered envelope 1922

KGV 3 pence embossed registration envelope 8" x 5"; c1922, unused, scarce (previous owner sold for £50)

Reference: 1164
Germany Russian Zone

Soviet zone (of Berlin) issues, 2 x 2pfg, 16pfg, 40pfg, 2 x 25pfg, registered, cancelled "BERLIN LICHTENBERG¢ 23 July 1948"; on reverse large red label, Russian Zone cachet, undated, No 5298; s/r b/s EPSOM SURREY 10 August 1948; faults to envelope

Reference: 1161
Spain to London 1955 resealed by Post Office

4 portrait stamps + 1 pictorial on registered cover, cancelled boxed d/r CERTIFICADO MURCIA 27 March 1944; label "Found opened or damaged and officially sealed"; endorsed with s/r cds LONDON EC 2 August 1955

Reference: 1154
Persia registered airmail censored 1945

Registered air mail with violet h/s TEHERAN R No. 13702; d/r circular cachet 'Anglo-Soviet-Persian Censorship' plus a faint similar mark in Cyrillic; small violet circular registration (?) cachet 16; with 3 definitive stamps on reverse; faults to envelope

Reference: 1145
France money order card from Alsace 1927

Money order with registered label Ste-Marie-aux-Mines and pink 'valeur déclarée" label, franked on front with 2 x 25c fiscal stamps; small label 'Mulhouse 2"; on reverse, 2 x 2fr Merson + 5c Blanc, all cancelled with s/r cds, 3 October 1927; to Avignon; also s/r cds 'Petit Croix Postaux" 4 October 1927

Reference: 1140
Nigeria registered airmail 1950

KGVI 20 x ½d, 2 x 1/d, 1/- on 3d registered envelope; by airmail, cancelled with oval registered d/s MAIDUGUN, NIGERIA (also on reverse) 16 August 1950 & s/r cds KANO; blue-green GB Customs Inspector's cachet; a striking 2/3d rate

Reference: 1136
Spain to England double censorship 1941

4 definitive issues on envelope registered to Chorley GB; cancelled Seville 31 December 1941 with blurred d/r cds; censored twice by Spain and UK; sealed by censor's labels at both ends of the envelope; plus censor h/s front and reverse and violet h/s 410; part envelope flap missing

Reference: 1126
Philippines registered airmail 1940

Registered airmail envelope with 5 Philippines stamps cancelled Baguio 2 November 1940; boxed registered cachet and h/s 'Via Trans-Pacific Clipper'; readdressed to Scotland; on reverse h/s Baguio, Honolulu, New York, Dartford Kent; a colourful cover

Reference: 1125
Brazil to Wales double censorship 1943

Pan Air envelope franked with 3 Brazil stamps cancelled 'REGISTRO AERO-TARDE' Pernambuco 9 November 1943; registered airmail with added PAN AIR label; censored by US and GB and resealed with examiners' tapes; with several b/s incl P.A 907 boxed cachet; good example of double censorship

Reference: 1124
Bulgaria Sunday delivery 1944

Registered envelope with 3 Bulgarian stamps, cancelled s/r bilingual cds Bourgas, 21 July 1944, with registered label and Sunday Delivery stamp (SG 499); b/s Sophia 22(?)July 1944; unusual

Reference: 1121
GB to USA Not Found 1952

2 x KGVI 8d cancelled with VF s/r cds St John¢s Wood B.D. NW 8 code D 29 January 1952, registered air mail; violet h/s 'CANNOT BE FOUND' 'DIRECTORY SERVICE GIVEN SOUTH CENTRAL STN' with pointing finger cachet & boxed 'Return to Sender'; red ink m/s 'Letter only'; Chicago and New York b/s 2-5 Feb & St John¢s Wood day of sending; a nice combination

Reference: 1117
GB Registered 1887

3d lilac and green issue (SG 191) lettered OJ on registered envelope with m/s 'Regd' in red crayon; cancelled VF oval Registered Liverpool; b/s s/r cds Kendal 18 March 1887; cat £180 on envelope

Reference: 1112
France WW2 3 Covers with 'blue stripe' censor

3 WW2 covers from France to Holland franked with 4 francs or 8 francs, 2 are registered: each with German censor tape, sealed by black and red swastika cachet; each is also marked front and back by a blue ink 'swipe' special inspection mark

Reference: 1098
France Alsace-Lorraine Official Registered 1930

2x 1f 50 Pasteur on official envelope from the Mayor of Colmar; cancelled s/r cds 12 April 1930 with RR combined "registration/remboursement" label (reserved for international mail) No 3 m/s Colmar; insured for 12fr 40; faint b/s Minden: a good example of this rare label

Reference: 1096
GB registered letter specimen

Overseas registered letter imprinted with 6d brownish mauve embossed stamp overprinted 'School Specimen': inscribed 'G2 size envelope'; unused as new (NSB)

Reference: 1093
1923 German inflation registered envelope to Holland

Registered envelope, franked 5 x 125 (+1 lost) taufend on 1000 marks, with 6 x 1000 marks on reverse; censored with Geöffnet tape for currency control inspection; sealed with violet inspector's stamp 14 and violet circular cachet tying the label; from Oberhausen 24 September 1923; b/s Haarlem 26 September 1923

Reference: 1077
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