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Presidents issue 1c and 4c cancelled White Plains, NY, 28 Nov 1944 to Dublin; British censor tape 'Opened by Examiner 6815'; boxed Irish bilingual censor 'Released by Censor'; no b/s

Reference: 1257

KUT 1/- and 30c on OHMS envelope with OHMS crossed out, cancelled Dar es Salaam l6 July 1944 to Dublin, opened by censor and sealed with label 'Opened by Examiner R/6' : boxed red Irish bilingual censor cachet  'released by censor'; no b/s; a nice cover

Reference: 1230

Legal document  (a will register) with blue crowned h/s 'Paid' cds Dublin 8 Dec 1855; readdressed from Bath to London with d/r cds Bath 10 Dec 1855;  ms 1d paid;  b/s Bath 10 December, London 11 December 1855

Reference: 1212

Continental Savoy Cairo (Hotel) envelope franked with Farouk 5 mils & 10 mils cancelled with bilingual Hotel cds; Egyptian bilingual censor tape 'Opened by Censor Egyptian Censorship' and small double circle 'censorship Dept 16 (or 91)' h/s on front;  pink bilingual Irish censor label  'Opened by Censor 147' : an unusual double censorship combination

Reference: 1172
Ireland to Canada

Ireland SG 79,80; on plain envelope from Baile Atha Cliath 8 March 1844 to Vancouver, Canada; inspected by Irish and British censors, with pink sealing tape 'AN SCRUDOIR D’OSCAIL 160' and 'Opened by Examiner 3962'; bilingual Air Mail label; no b/s, scarce & attractive combination

Reference: 1047
Denmark to Ireland

Denmark 3 x 15o portrait issue + 2 x 20o pictorial, cancelled Copenhagen 20 July 1945, to Dublin; opened by Censors and resealed with censor’s sealing tape by Denmark and Britain; tied with circular cachet crown 377 of Denmark; British 'Opened by Examiner 6936'; no b/s

Reference: 1026
GB Crimean War 1854

Stampless envelope with unclear m/s charge mark 6(?), m/s "Army in the Crimea", 28th November (1854); to Dublin "via Marseilles"; on front faint blue arrival cds Kingstown 28 December; on reverse faint transit mark (London) 18 December; ex Reg Hindley Russia collection

Reference: 952
Naval mail 1944

Stampless envelope "On Active Service" from H.M. Ship to Cork, Ireland; undated void centre d/r d/s 'Post Office Maritime Mail'; shield cachet "HM Ship" (m/s 1944) in red; British censor's tape 'opened by Examiner 2859'; red boxed Irish bilingual censor's cachet; no b/s
scarcer use of Irish censor mark

Reference: 804
Pony Express envelope with Irish censor

2 x 3c red-brown US Pony Express issue on illustrated envelope for the 80th anniversary of the Pony Express, from Saint Joseph to Ireland, 3 April 1940, FDC cancellation; pink bilingual Irish censor tape No 120; no b/s; attractive cover

Reference: 766
Ireland to London 'Clubland' 1884

Mourning envelope with 2 x ½d slate-blue cancelled with Irish barred lozenges 359 of NEWTOWNFORBES; on reverse cds of that town and LONGFORD, both 23 December 1884; closed on reverse with crested seal; to the Carlton Club, Pall Mall & forwarded to the St James' Club, Piccadilly; small closed tear to envelope

Reference: 773
South Africa to Ireland

South Africa strip of 3 x ½d Springbok cancelled Johannesburg A m/c d/s 28 May 1940; to Limerick, Ireland, censor tape "Opened by Examiner 4092"; no b/s

Reference: 673

30c blue winged globe airmail stamp cancelled NY Grand Central Annex 4 March 1941; large violet cachet 'Via Air Mail' & typed green 'Via "Clipper"'; British censor tape PC90 'Opened by Examiner 4249', overstruck by pink bi-lingual Irish censor's tape SP1 'Opened by Censor 94'; nice combination

Reference: 444

Envelope (with some creasing) franked with 2 x 1p map issue, cancelled with telephone slogan d/s of Baile Atha Cliath 28 July 1940; the envelope has been opened and resealed with the Irish Censor's pink tape inscribed bilingually 'An Scrudoir D'Oscail / Opened by Censor S.P.1 No 21'.

Reference: 179

1962 - 6d airletter cancelled by a partial PAQUEBOT LONDON postmark dated 8.FEB.62.

Reference: 098H

1937 registered cover to Belfast with stamps cancelled by partial WITBANK postmarks dated 12.JUL.37.

Reference: 043H