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Public Record Office receipt for an uncertified copy P/A 334, charged at £1/19/6 with KGVI fiscal stamps of the Public Record Office, £1, 3 x 5/-, 2/6, 1/-, 2 x 6d, making up the charge, all cancelled with oval d/s; a lovely example

Reference: 1176
GB 1971 Postal Strike to Holland via Belgium

British postal strike mail with 'Export Letter Service' stamp and boxed h/s 'flown by hovercraft, Ramsgate'; Belgian 3fr 50 cancelled Brussels; with 'received' h/s

Reference: 1108
GB registered letter specimen

Overseas registered letter imprinted with 6d brownish mauve embossed stamp overprinted 'School Specimen': inscribed 'G2 size envelope'; unused as new (NSB)

Reference: 1093
GB 1971 Postal Strike Hovercraft mail

'Exporters Letter Service' 4/- strike post label black on blue; cancelled with boxed cachet 'flown by Hovercraft Ramsgate', to Amsterdam; franked with French 0.50c type Bequet definitive

Reference: 1046
GB 'Compac' FDC to British Columbia

7 copies of the Compac Cable stamp (SG 645), including block of 4, on envelope from Yeovil 3 December 1963 to Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada; unusual FDC, by airmail

Reference: 1031
GB Postal Strike

Window envelope used during the GB Postal Strike; inscribed "POSTHASTE...Shepherds Mkt (London) W1"; VF blue single ring cachet 'Post Haste London 11 Feb 1971' + d/r cds "Chelsea 11.2.1971"; minor fault to envelope (NSB)

Reference: 1030
National Trust Labels on Tintagel Card

PPC of Old Post Office, Tintagel, Cornwall franked with 4 fine National Trust 'stamps' 1p, 3p, 5p, 10p; cancelled by large s/r cds THE OLD POST OFFICE, TINTAGEL

Reference: 935
GB House of Lords 1963

2½d Wilding cancelled VF d/r cds "House of Lords SW1 1", 4 October 1963; to a Government Minister Sir Keith Joseph, Whitehall

Reference: 983
GPO used by FPO Germany 1957

QE2 Wilding ½d orange x 5; cancelled Field Post Office 414, then at Wilhemshaven; to Catford, London, 18 January 1957; m/s 'Forces Airmail'; no b/s; nice neat franking

Reference: 982
QEII 26p Falmouth to Falmouth Transatlantic

26p Machin on PPC of Falmouth, Cornwall to Falmouth, Mass, USA, 2 July 1984; with large cachet "This Piece of Mail delayed due to incorrect zip code; please notify...." in violet; nice clear example and not often seen

Reference: 963
GB Meter mark and Slogan 1986

d/r cds Worcester 17 Meter mark and slogan to Droitwich 14 May 1986, with red slogan 'Look After Yourself – Quit Smoking' plus large boxed red h/s "Franking Me with an Incorrect Date has made it Appear that I have Arrived Late, date posted 15 May"; no b/s, unusual

Reference: 944
GB Postal Strike 1971 Budleigh-Salterton

Postal strike stamp inscribed 'Postage Paid 6d (2½p) cancelled with fine cds 'During the National Postal Strike - the post… Raleigh Stamp Postal Service 19 Feb 71', on a local letter in Budleigh Salterton; scarce 'stamp' slight faults to envelope

Reference: 829
GB Postal Strike 1971 to New Zealand

1971 Postal Strike 'Special Courier mail from UK' label, 'New Zealand Courier'; cancelled 'Special Courier Mail, B & K Ealing Postal Office' 7 March 1971; New Zealand 4c moth stamp cancelled Auckland 19 March 1971; no b/s

Reference: 847
GB postal strike 1971

Commercial use of postal strike carrier service; letter from Coventry to Chiswick, London on 2? February 1971 bearing private label of 'Loadrunner Transport Services Ltd, Coventry, Inland Post 2/-'; no b/s

Reference: 828
GB Postal Strike January 1971 FDC

Postal Strike Mail souvenir FDC with JFK 2/- "stamp" cancelled PRIVATE MAIL, 20 January 1971 in blue, London to Hendon

Reference: 708
GB to Azores 1971

GB Machin 5p violet on plain envelope from Huddersfield to Ponta Delgada, Azores; h/s Ausente/Parti boxed h/s (also on reverse); h/s "RETOUR À L'ENVOYEUR/DEVOLVIGO AO REMETENTE"; h/s "UNDELIVERED FOR REASON STATED/RETURN TO SENDER"; red h/s "O NAVIO NÃO SE ENCONTRA NEM É ESPERADO NESTE PORTO"; b/s Correios Ponta Delgada 24 July 1971

Reference: 697
Postard from ship at Gibraltar to UK with postage due

Strip 4 GB QEII Wilding ½d orange on PPC of P&O ship 'Chusan', cancelled with post office triangle cachet I.S.(Inland Service); double ring cds Gibraltar 19 May 1956; GB Postage Due h/s in Green 2d I.S.T and black T; m/s "Posted SS Chusan Gibraltar 18.3.56"; to Carshalton, Surrey

Reference: 621
Jersey to Copenhagen 1961 returned

GB 3d CEPT issue Jersey to Copenhagen, 19 September 1961 (2nd value lost in transit) cancelled Jersey slogan d/s, to a hotel; m/s "please forward"; cds Kobenhavn 23 Sept & 25 Sept 1961; purple h/s "OMKARTERINGS---/KOBENHAVN" (twice); large green h/s RETOUR and green boxed 'parti'; purple h/s "UNDELIVERED FOR REASON STATED/RETURN TO SENDER" m/s "RETOUR in green with further h/s on reverse

Reference: 623
B.E.A Airletter Stamps

GB 2½ Coronation (SG 532) on long envelope with added British European Airways "stamps" 1/9d, 1/2d, 8d cancelled with boxed "Waterloo Air Terminal" 25 November 1943, to British European Airways, Birmingham. with small added h/s "To Be Posted on Arrival". m/s on reverse states "flown in by helicopter".

Reference: 614
British Postal Strike February 1971 commercial cover

GB DL size envelope with Postal Strike label inscribed 'R.& R.S. G.P.C. approved Special Post Feb 1971', 1/-(?) crossed out and 10p added (during the current currency change), black on pale yellow, cancelled by h/s 'Research & Recruitment Services, 132 Great Portland Street, London W1' 26 Feb 1971, to London EC2: seems as genuine as any are

Reference: 566
GB £1 Wedgwood booklet

GB sponsored booklet "The Story of Wedgwood"(SG DX1) complete with all pages and including the scarce ½p 1 side band; perforations mostly good, neat clean copy, cat £75+

Reference: 565

Large piece franked with postage dues, 9 x £5, 7 x 20p, 50p, 5p, 3p, all uncancelled but with a 'soft packet' Keighley d/s alongside; used as a receipt for a parcel charged £46.98; nice unusual use of postage dues

Reference: 526

Illustrated commemorative envelope for the 50th anniversary of the First Aerial Post, Hendon to Windsor, in September 1911; 3d WIlding cancelled with the Anniversary slogan d/s 9 September 1961, & an 11d BEA Airway Letter Service stamp cancelled 'BEA CEPT-Europa Flight 9 September 1961' From Windsor to Torquay

Reference: 379

Envelope with GB 20p 'Kew Gardens' stamp cancelled 'London I.S. Maritime Mail' with boxed cachet 'Ist Officer (S) RFA Tidespring 13 June 1990'. The Royal Fleet Auxiliary 'Tidespring' assisted HMS Andromeda off Monrovia, Liberia during the Liberian civil strife 1990; with notes on the operation included; scarce & not seen before

Reference: 377

French 'no value' stamp cancelled 'Bureau Postal Interarmées 628' 31 July 2003, on a British Airmail envelope, to Totnes; from the French-led force restoring order in the Bunia region of the Congo. This was the first EU military operation outside Europe and without Nato, with a British contingent of Engineers; notes on the operation are included: very scarce and the only example I have seen

Reference: 376
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