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Egypt prepaid 1935

Unstamped envelope franked with red crowned cachet "Egypt Postage Prepaid 17" with s/r cds M.P.O. ALEXANDRIA 17 February 1935; on reverse red "British Forces in Egypt" 1 piastre letter stamp; cancelled with a Retta diamond h/s

Reference: 1208

Continental Savoy Cairo (Hotel) envelope franked with Farouk 5 mils & 10 mils cancelled with bilingual Hotel cds; Egyptian bilingual censor tape 'Opened by Censor Egyptian Censorship' and small double circle 'censorship Dept 16 (or 91)' h/s on front;  pink bilingual Irish censor label  'Opened by Censor 147' : an unusual double censorship combination

Reference: 1172
Egypt hotel envelope to London

Unstamped official envelope SUMMER PALACE HOTEL (Alexandria, Egypt), franked with superb red crowned cachet "Egypt Postage Prepaid 17" (re-use from an earlier era (?), with cds MILITARY POST OFFICE ALEXANDRIA, 23 August 1923 to London; sealed on reverse with red "BRITISH FORCES IN EGYPT" 1 piastre Letter Stamp; cancelled with the RETTA diamond h/s

Reference: 1163
Egypt to UK 1940 censored

Block of nine 5 mils King's Head cancelled by bilingual bridged s/r cds Cairo, 15 June 1940, to London; sealed by Egyptian censor's tape 'Opened by Censor' & violet small box bilingual censor h/s '4'; b/s Cairo m/c d/s

Reference: 1143
Egypt to UK 1940 censored

King's Head 5 mils, 10 mils, 4 x 15 mils, 13 mils + 30 mils airmail pictorial, all cancelled bilingual s/r bridged cds Alexandria 16 January 1940 to London; m/s "Imperial Airways" and h/s "English language"; red circular censor's h/s 'M'; no b/s; attractive franking

Reference: 1142
GB from Base Army to London 1943

6 x KGVI 3d + 2 x 1d all cancelled BASE ARMY POST OFFICE 4 (then in Egypt) airmail; sealed with censor¢s tape "Opened by Censor PC22" in red; tied by small diamond cachet 8 (front and back); 1/8d rate

Reference: 1116
East Germany Egypt Relief fund 1957

'Help Egypt' surcharge; Egypt relief fund block of 4 (E293) on stamp fair commemorative card, illustrated; cancelled with special Berlin-Lieffenberg cachet 3 March 1957; no message, unposted

Reference: 1107
Egypt 1954 to Bradford

Egypt 20 mils soldier, 30 mils pictorial, 2 mils blocked Farouk's head, on lightweight airmail envelope from Cairo to Bradford, cancelled with bi-lingual cds 3 December 1954; Arabic censor tape sealed with Arabic cachet, under and over tape; no arrival b/s; era of the conflict with Israel

Reference: 938
Egypt Hotel Post 1956

Aeroplane over Pyramids 8 mils, 20 mils Airmails, cancelled bi-lingual bridged s/r cds, on Heliopolis House Hotel envelope, from the hotel in Cairo to London, 22 August 1935; no b/s; minor faults to envelope

Reference: 909
Egypt to Hull with 'Retta' cancel censored 1946

Farouk 1 mil and 6 mils on defective envelope, cancelled by bilingual bridged cds, plus 10 mils Aeroplane over Pyramids airmail stamp cancelled by diamond 'Retta' h/s, from Alexandra to Hull 7 November 1946, with Egyptian censor's sealing tape & red bi-lingual diamond censor h/s No 72; age faults but a scarce combination

Reference: 882
Egypt railways envelope with official stamp 1937

Large wrapper inscribed "Publicity Department Egyptian State Railways, Telegraphs and Telephones, Cairo Station"; franked with corner marginal 15 mills brown official stamp, cancelled Cairo c1937-8, to London

Reference: 871
Egypt to UK British FPO datestamp 1941

Egypt 3 x 1 mil, 2 mils, 15 mils, 30 mils all cancelled Field Post Office 188 from Zamaley to Whitchurch, Hants, 21 January 1941; boxed violet 'Passed Unit Censor 32' cachet; no b/s

Reference: 861
Egypt leave certificate 1901

Leave of absence certificate for a military civilian helper ('Sirdar's typewriter') from 6 August to 6 October 1901; signed by Mudir of the Province, Cairo; some faults but rarely seen

Reference: 849
RAF in Egypt FPO 190 to Argentine 1951

2 mils, 10 mils, 50 mils definitive issue on airmail envelope, cancelled Field Post Office 190 (Egypt) 20 November 1951; Egyptian censor cachet and sorter's diamond h/s; on reverse ROSARIO ARGENTINA roller d/s; m/s 'from RAF Shallufa MEAF 16

Reference: 781
Egypt to London 1916 censored

PPC "On Active Service" cancelled FPO 1.Y, BAPO T (Port Said) 30 March 1916; large oval cachet "B" Battery HAC (Hon Artillery Co); red boxed censor No 218; on PPC of Native Street in Cairo; scarce FPO at this date, nice combination

Reference: 686
Military Mail from Egypt

3mms green Egypt Military frank stamp (SG A12) cancelled Field Post Office 188 on envelope Egypt to Harrogate, neat boxed censor h/s 'Passed by Unit Censor 18' no b/s

Reference: 616

2 x 2 mills orange, 2 x 10 mills violet + 30 mills grey green cancelled with bi-lingual bridged cds Bab el Lud to Haifa 5 May 1945, MS 'Recommendée' & registration label + MS 89 in blue crayon; large double ring cachet RM (censor?) & sealing tape 'opened by Censor' red on white, tied front and back with hexagon censor cachet 'Palestine Passed by Censor H4' & h/s code 007204; b/s Cairo 5 May 1945, registered Haifa 14 May 1945: opened roughly at top but a nice 'busy' cover

Reference: 515
Christmas Airgraph from Middle East 1943

illustrated Xmas Greetings Airgraph, with interior text "Greetings from the Middle East, So far and yet so near", franked with GB KGVI 3d dull violet, from the Middle East, probably from Egypt (possibly Syria); with purple crowned censor cachet 'Passed by Censor No.2143' cancelled Field Post Office 567 23 October 1943, to Edinburgh; a good clean example

Reference: 453

Envelope from Cairo to Bridgwater with large red cachet 'Egypt Postage Prepaid 23'; Cairo bridged cds M.P.O.Cairo 23 May 1935; on reverse British Forces in Egypt green Letter Stamp 1 piastre seal (corner fault) cancelled by blurred 'retta' obliterator; nice combination with some faults

Reference: 442

Illustrated 75th Anniversary of UPU 1874-1949 Envelope, franked with a London WC2 2½d Meter Mark 23 May 1950, to Cairo, with Egyptian inspector's mark (Censor?; unusual combination

Reference: 432

Farouk issue 6 x 1 mil & 2 x 6 mils + on reverse 4 x 1 mil, cancelled with bilingual cds (Sha Gaber?) 10 October 1942; opened for inspection & resealed with tape inscribed bilingual 'Egyptian Censorship Opened by Censor'; bilingual hexagon 'Passed Censor' & large boxed violet bilingual h/s 'Not Examined Iraq Censorship'; b/s Cairo 16 October 1942, Baghdad 27 October 1943; some faults to envelope but a good combination

Reference: 431

Farouk 5 mils + 10 mils definitives cancelled bilingual Port Said cds; 'Opened by Censor' red on white label over red Egyptian bilingual cachet 'Censorship Dept M'; boxed 'Passed by Censor V61' in blue (Australian?), MS 'English'; no b/s; from Lloyds Triestino, Port Said; some envelope faults (which look worse in the scan than in reality!);

Reference: 426

Spanish 10c, 15c, 50c definitives cancelled with Barcelona roller datestamp; Egyptian Arabic Inspector's mark (censor?)' on reverse a large publicity label for the Internatiional Stamp Exhibition San Sebastian 1948

Reference: 425

South Africa 1d & 2d 'bantam' issues, cancelled Cape Town m/c d/s 'Post Early' 18 January 1944 on small envelope; Censored in S. Africa with sealing tape, re-opened & re-sealed with Egyptian bilingual tape 'Opened by Censor, Egyptian Censorship' tied on reverse with small cachet; b/s Cairo 21 March 1944 & Cankaya (Turkey) 10 April 1944; also with V fine bi-lingual Egyptian circled octagon cachet 'Postal Censor' in violet; a fine & unusual combination

Reference: 404

3 x 5 mils + 8 x 1 mil King Farouk on envelope addressed in Arabic only to Beyrouth, cancelled bi-lingual cds Cairo 9 November 1942; boxed Egyptian 'Postal Censor' cachet in violet, & sealing label with bi-lingual inscription 'Opened by Censor Egyptian Censorship' tied by small cachet on reverse; Free French circular Censor h/s C+P in violet; bilingual Beyrouth machine cancel on reverse 17 December 1942: a lovely combination

Reference: 403
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