Prisoner Of War

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Plain card from German POW on the French Ile de Ré; d/r Camp Interpreter's cachet & 2 line "Geprüft cachet"; Newport and Whitney type C12; with original text intact

Reference: 1194

Envelope to a German interned in Switzerland; GB KGVI 2½d cancelled d/r cds Rotherham, 8 April 1944; censored by British 'Opened by Examiner 3204' tape and German with "Geöffnet" sealing tape with Swastika cachet; Swiss 'Zuzustellen /Fieldpostdirektion' & No 315); arrival d/s after forwarding 19 July 1944, with the original letter

Reference: 1187

5fr Petain Salon du Prisonnier POW card to a French Captain in Camp Oflag XB Nienburg (?), with New Year letter,  cancelled Paris m/c datestamp with 7 bars:  superb German censor cachet 'Geprüft Oflag XB Nr.7' ; a fine clean example of these cards

Reference: 1174
Switzerland Ammannsegg 1940

5c small definitive with added charity label "INTERNEMENT SUISSE 1940", both cancelled CAMP MILITAIRE D"INTERNÉMENT SUISSE - AMMANNSEGG"; internment camp souvenir card

Reference: 1152
German POW in Australia to GB 1941

German Prisoner of War in Australian POW camp (full details on reverse); 1/6 airmail cancelled GPO Sydney NSW 25(?) Feb 1941 to Wolverhampton; m/s 'By Airmail via South Africa', plus violet h/s 'Prisoner of War Service' and 'Passed by censor S.59'; a very unusual combination

Reference: 1135
Austria Red Cross internment card 1916

Red Cross internment card from an internee in a camp at Katzenau(?); cancelled Linz 4 December 1916; two different censor cachets, no visible arrival d/s; possibly written in Esperanto

Reference: 1122
Italian internee in Switzerland 1941

Military internment envelope from Berne Schönbühl to Zurich with PORTOFREI cachet; c1941; from an interned Italian soldier; h/s 822; no b/s

Reference: 1002
Italian internee in Switzerland 1942

Military internment envelope with cachet CAMP MILITAIRE d'INTERNEMENT BUSSWIL; undated but c1942; to Zurich; from an Italian citizen; h/s 365; no b/s; on reverse trilingual Swiss censor label

Reference: 1005
Italian internee in Switzerland 1942

Military internment envelope with cachet CAMP MILITAIRE d'INTERNEMENT FRIBOURG FRANK DE PORT; undated, but c1942; to Geneva; from an Italian internee; h/s 315; no b/s

Reference: 1004
Italian internee in Switzerland 1941

Military internment envelope used within Berne, c1941, with d/r PORTOFREI cachet for an interned Italian citizen; h/s 315; incomplete b/s undated

Reference: 1003
Austrian Red Cross to Danish POW Agency

Rough paper envelope marked 'Portofrei' in m/s, to the Danish Red Cross POW agency; cancelled with d/r bridged cds Kufstein, Tyrol, 1 April 1917; Red Cross h/s "Freuen-Zweig-Verein/Kufstein"; triangular censor h/s "Zensur Abteillung, Wien"; seal on reverse "Geschlossen von d. Zensur d. GZNB"

Reference: 904
French POW in Germany

Reply paid part of POW card from Bourges, 22 August 1942 to a French POW at Stalag VIF, Bocholt, Westphalia with censor h/s of the camp, (to Working Party No 83)

Reference: 888
South African POW in Italian camp

South African POW in Italian camp, envelope with 6d and 3d S. African 'bantams' cancelled d/r cds Illovo Beach, Natal, South Africa 8 December 1942; to POW Camp 60 Italy; faint boxed violet bi-lingual Air Mail h/s, m/s charge marks in red & blue crayon; with bi-lingual South African censor's sealing tape; b/s d/r void Italian censor's b/s: a nice combination of marks

Reference: 875
British POW letter to Stalag XIA 1945

2½d POW air letter to a British POW in Stalag XIA, cancelled Stafford m/c d/s 10 January 1945; from a mother to her son; no censor marks; no b/s; some age marks

Reference: 816

Australia KGVI issue 5/-, 9d, 1d cancelled s/r cds Ship Mail Room; from Melbourne to Solicitors in London, 26 August 1941; inscribed 'Business Letter', 'Written in English', 'By Air Mail Clipper Service'; h/s 'Passed by Censor V147' and 'Approved for Transmission by Camp Commandant 4/No 18'; censor cachet also on reverse; b/s sender's details from Camp IV/A, Tatura, Victoria

Reference: 844
French POW in Germany

French POW in German camp, m/c d/s MINDEN (WESTF.) 26 August 1918; censor's h/s Geprüft 25, Postprüfungsstelle Minden; with a circular cachet of the 'Kommandantur Kreigsgefangenenlager Minden'; to Montreuil sous Bois, Seine

Reference: 709
Germany WW2 Concentration Camp 1943

Mauthausen KZ to Witkomiz, d/r cds KRIEGSGENFANGENENLAGER MAUTHAUSEN 13 March 1943; reigstration label with the same inscription No 445; faint red imprint at the top, "Depositen-Verwaltungskomission der Kriegsgefangenen in Mauthausen"; also with red handstamp "Rekommandiert Portofreie Dienstsach"; a vary rare registered official letter from a concentration camp

Reference: 655

unfranked envelope MS 'Militaire', with machine datestamp of Groningen 4 January 1915, overstruck with red 'London FS Paid 8 January 1915'; black handstamp 'Portvrij Franc de Port Militaires étrangers internés dans les Pays Bas'; from a British sailor, on reverse 'Seaman F Henshaw, Groningen

Reference: 429

unfranked envelope MS 'Militaire', with machine datestamp of Groningen 1 December 1914, overstruck with red 'London FS Paid 4 December 1914'; purple handstamp 'Portvrij Franc de Port Militaires étrangers internés dans les Pays Bas'; from a British sailor, on reverse 'Seaman F Henshaw, Groningen

Reference: 428

folding letter sheet endorsed in MS 'PW Post Postage Free in Lingua Italiana' with boxed handstamp 'P/W Middle East 158', from Camp 309 MEF Cage 17 (Ismalia, Egypt) 12 April 1943; on reverse boxed 'Verificato per Censora' & cachet 324/I in circle; undated 'Ufficio Censura Estera'; purple POW cachet in English tying the flap: Albi arrival d/s 30 June 1943: with the orginal text, a nice item from the WW2 Desert campaign

Reference: 344

Envelope with decorative heading from Groningen to Canonbury, London, with a logo of TF in laurels on a chequerboard; MS 'Militarire', machine d/s Groningen 2 February 1916, over-struck London Paid 7 February 1916 in red; with cachet 'PORTVRIJ/FRANC DE PORT/ Militaires étrangers/ Internés dans les Pays-Bas'; opened slightly roughly at the top but a fine combination

Reference: 315

Window envelope for official use by the Austrian Red Cross, Vienna c1941 with red cross motif and handstamp 'Service des Internés', endorsed for free franking (Gebührenfrei), all in red; no backstamps

Reference: 309

CGH !d 'Hope' issue cancelled with squared circle d/s Montago on envelope to a POW at 'Groen Punt' Camp, Cape Town 13 October 1900 (error of date '19'); with violet censor's handstamp 'Censor Prisoner of War'; Boer War period, some wear to the envelope

Reference: 233

Plain POW postcard with handstamped cachet in violet 'Internment Camp Zensiert 18.10.46', stated on the reverse in MS to be 'The third Censor stamp of Internment Camp 72, Ludwigsburg, Wurtemberg 18 Oct 46': US Army card WD AGO Form 19-9 addressed to New Jersey, USA.

Reference: 178

1916 reply-half postcard from an Austrian prisoner of war in a camp in Russia. There are Austrian and Russian Red Cross cachets, a Russian censor mark and a blue pencil mark from a postmaster to all it to go freepost!

Reference: 264H
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